About us

Specialexplorer is the result of more than fifteen years of experiences of its founders in different dimensions of tourism and trade who gathered together in 2018 in order to take a considerable step forward in tourism industry and trade. This team, having best of the bests in tourism industry, information technology, marketing, international relations and so on, has a high potential in planning and operating any kind of tour inside or outside Iran besides exporting any kind of goods from Iran to all of countries worldwide.

Our vision, on one hand is to provide a proper context for all of the tourists from all over the world to enjoy the high quality, unique, various and especial tours and on the other hand is to develop different segments of tourism industry such as hotels, guides and drivers etc. Plus providing a substantial context for trade. These three important items help people know the touristic destinations and attractions of Iran much better.

We try our best to help you have a nice trip to Iran. We will be glad to serve you and we are also sure to provide you the best tours ever.

We are the best team can show you the real face of Iran; including tours, souvenirs, news, events and all you want to know about or experience in Iran.

 You’re sincerely Mohammad Heydarikhah ; the manager of Specialexplorer travel and export team;