Sare Agha Seyed village in Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari


This village is one of the most beautiful monuments in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. It is located in 135 kilometers north west of Shahrekord. It looks like Masuleh village in Gilan province and some call it the Masuleh of Zagros mountains but has not been lucky enough to become famous like it worldwide.

Koohrang county has been nominated as a powerful tourism zone in recent years and gives you a comprehensive combination of natural and cultural tours. But in Sare Agha Seyed village everything is totally different and people live in their ancient styles.    

The only way to reach this village passes by Chelgerd town and it is around 50 kilometers to the village and remember the quality of road is awful.

No one knows the history of civilization of this village but due to the holy shrine inside it the history dates back to 600 years ago.  

The women there still cook food in homemade ovens and men extract salt from mine and do agriculture and husbandry.                

The local people strictly believe in Islamic rituals and traditions and hold religion ceremonies in the holy shrine. They believe that when Agha Seyed came to this village the drought vanished he played an important role to preach Islam in the region.    

The best time to visit this village would be summer as in other seasons due to the cold weather going there would be impossible or dangerous.   

In summer you visit Bakhtiari nomads settling down there. Their black tents are widespread everywhere and their livestock make the region more alive and beautiful. The amazing part is that you can stay overnight in those tents.    

Another attraction nearby is Sheikh Ali khan waterfall which is a nice place around 40 kilometers before this village attracting so many tourists every year and is a proper place to rest and enjoy the nature.

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