Zaman khan bridge Sistan & Baluchestan


This bridge in Saman town is one of the historical ones; dating back to 16th century, on the famous Zayandehrud river which is the fatal vessel of the central plateau of Iran.

This is the place in which you can touch the heart of the nature. You can rest, go rafting, diving etc.

Zaman khan bridge is located in 27 kilometers north of the city of Shahrekord.

Zaman khan was one the great commanders of the Safavids also the leader of one of the tribes living nearby and he decided to build this bridge in order to help people passing the river.

As a national heritage, this bridge has been standing on Zayandehrud for centuries just like an angel transporting people by its wings. Having 32 meters long, 4/5 meters wide and 12 meters high show how great this bridge is.

One of the popular hobbies nearby is rafting which attracts so many tourists annually. This sport has become famous also popular among the young people recently that’s why many agencies plan special rafting tours in this region.   

Besides rafting, fishing and natural tours and cultural events has made Zaman khan bridge a proper touristic place for tourists. 

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