Sarigol national park in North Khorasan


This place was considered as a protected national park before the Islamic revolution and used to be called Shah Jahan but after the revolution the government changed its name into Sarigol. Nowadays there are two parts; the first one is a national park having 7037 hectares and the second one is a protected area having 21309 hectares, which are one of the most prominent attractions not only in North Khorasan but also in Iran.

The closest city to Sarigol is Esfarayen which is around 8 kilometers. Different unique parts of Sarigol including cold mountains, low hills, plains, springs, rivers, plants and animals must remain untouched so there are so many rules in order to protect the whole area. 

Due to the proper water supply, there are more than 200 plants in Sarigol and the most important one among them is Ferula Gamosa. Different types of animals are wide spread all around the area such as ram, gazelle, deer, ewe, panther, wolf, fox, goat, mouse, wild cat, hog, sable, hedgehog, hyena, rat, rabbit and squirrel besides snake and birds like golden eagle, pheasant, warbler etc. 

There is only one village inside Sarigol in which 30 families live whose lifestyles usually are like nomads.

Besides all of the attractions in Sarigol, the Isi waterfall in western Shah Jahan mountains is a great heart touching place to heal all kinds of souls.  

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