South Khorasan


In the name of God who creates beautiful lands

South Khorasan:

Close to the borders of Afghanistan in east of Iran there is a quiet province in which people grow Saffron and show different type of hospitality and the whole region tries to show you great mysteries.  

The best places you should visit:

  1. Makhunik village
  2. Morteza Ali fountain
  3. The valley of Kal Jeni
  4. The castle of Birjand
  5. Akbarieh garden
  6. Ferdows qanat
  7. The Forg citadel

The best Places you can stay in:

Kuhestan 4-star hotel in Birjand

Tourist Hotel in Birjand

Emad Nizam traditional hotel in Ferdows

The best restaurants we recommend:

Hezar Yekshab Restaurant in Tabas

Khaneh Pedari Restaurant in Birjand

Shamso Alemare Traditional Restaurant in Birjand

The best places for shopping:

The grand bazaar of Birjand


Saffron, Jujube, Barberry, Pomegranate and carpet.

How can you get there?

We recommend you take proper flights from Tehran to get there as it takes more than 12 hours by car and the roads are not good enough.  


The South Khorasan is another cheap province in Iran so you do not worry to spend money there.

What to wear?

The weather in South Khorasan is usually warm and windy so we do not suggest you visit there in spring or summer.  

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