Sistan and Baluchestan


In the name of God who creates beautiful lands

Sistan and Baluchestan:

In south east of Iran there is a province in which everything amazes you, from its marvelous nature to its lovely people. Somewhere that desert touches the sea and the Mars comes to life in front of your eyes. Somewhere which has been famous for its kind people through the ages worldwide.   

Although this is the poorest place in Iran but the hospitality of nature and culture gives you an outstanding experience which lasts till eternity.

The best places you should visit:

  1. The burnt city
  2. The graveyard of Jen Tis
  3. The graveyard of seventy Mullahs
  4. Rustam castle
  5. The city of Dahaneh Gholaman
  6. The Negaran Valley
  7. Lipar lagoon
  8. The Martian mountains
  9. Darak village

The best Places you can stay in:

Lipar 5-star hotel in Chabahar

Esteghlal 4-star hotel in Zahedan

Tourist Hotel in Zahedan

The best restaurants we recommend:

Classic Restaurant in Chabahar

Naghsh Jahan Restaurant in Konarak

Gulf Beach Restaurant in Chabahar

The best places for shopping:

Ferdows shopping center in Chabahar

Pardis shopping center in Chabahar

Sadaf shopping center in Chabahar


Spices and different valuable handicrafts.

How can you get there?

As it is very far away from Tehran so the only suggested way is taking a direct flight to Zahedan or Chabahar.


Sistan and Baluchestan is considered as the poorest province in Iran so there is no worry as you find everything cheap.  

What to wear?

This province has short winter and long warm weather and summer. You usually experience torrential rain but the hot weather may hurt you.

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