Negaran Valley in Sistan and Baluchestan


Generally speaking, the human being depicts something which sees or something which dreams of so we have tangible and abstract art. This behavior dates back to the time we started to depict by drawing, carving or engraving. The petroglyphs in Negaran valley show you the thoughts of human being in 12000 years ago.  

The Negaran valley in Nahuk village is considered as one of the most valuable attractions in Saravan and one of the largest galleries in Iran.

Different petroglyphs belong to different ages since ten thousand years ago. The local people believe that these petroglyphs made by the Zoroastrians.

As a national heritage this art collection show the enthusiasm of human kind through the ages. The simple shapes of these petroglyphs are the symbols of an early method for ancient people to connect to the future.

The drawings, paintings and engravements in general the petroglyphs in Siahan mountains are an open book of human history.    

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